Ever seen a naked watermelon?

Hi friends!

Jamie gave me this lotion –> not only is it amazing for moisturizing (I keep it on my desk and use it on my hands), it also has the most delicious chocolatey fragrance. I consider that a win win. I actually discovered this lotion through Jamie –> she keeps a mini tube of it in her purse and let me use it one time when we were out to lunch. I have been hooked ever since!


Granola and almond milk for breakfast –> it may not have been my original go-to breakfast (I would have had fruit if we hadn’t run out) but I gotta admit it was still pretty delicious. I have had fruit for breakfast almost every day this pregnancy, and I sometimes I forget that cereals and granolas are breakfast foods too.


Leftover lasagna and salad for dinner while catching up on World Cup games. I wouldn’t mind more nights like this. We have a lot of games that we want to watch on replay. Is it just me or has this been a World Cup of upsets? It seems like every other game, the underdog somehow wins. Both Joel and I played varsity soccer in high school. Our mutual love for soccer was actually part of how we first met! I’ll have to share that story someday πŸ™‚ We both also played on the same co-ed soccer team when we lived in Houston. I haven’t played in years but I have a ton of fond memories.


We were out running a few errands when we spontaneously decided to take the car through the car wash. We usually also get all the detailing for the inside of the car but we didn’t have time on that day –> the inside of our vehicles don’t get super dirty so it’s fine to go longer without detailing… for now haha. I’m sure that will change once our kiddo is old enough to toss cheerios and legos all over the back seat πŸ™‚


While out errand-running, we also made a pit-stop at the deli to pick up a quick meal. The girls behind the counter now recognize Joel since he pops in there fairly often. Being from a small town where everyone knows everyone, Joel likes the fact that he is considered one of the “regulars” at our local deli now.


This is my my slightly sad and squished looking hotdog with ketchup, mustard, relish, and raw onions. It may not have been the most delicious thing on the planet, but it did a good job of killing those hunger pangs.


Joel opted for the cheese steak, which also looked a little sad and squished (I think our food got smashed in the to-go bag during transport), but he said it was delicious. While eating, we spotted a bird flapping around the base of a tree that we think may have been a pheasant. We didn’t get a good look but it was quite a cool little sighting.


We made a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities and guess what we saw sitting outside the store… these super cute fiddle leaf figs! They were only about 2 feet tall but I love how full they are. My fiddle at home is rather skinny by comparison. If the air in our house wasn’t so dry during the cold months, one of these bad boys would have definitely come home with me. I hope they all end up in loving homes where the air is warm and moist so that they stay happy.


We have a ton of these reusable bags because I get them free with purchases from RunningWarehouse.com. That is my absolute favorite place to purchase running or workout gear –> they have fast, free shipping and often have sales on awesome running shoes (I run in Saucony Guides). We use these bags when we go to the grocery store, they are the best and hold a ton of stuff each! Sometimes we also get plastic bags because we re-use them at home as trash can liners, but most days we stick with the reusable ones.


We picked up brussel sprouts at the store –> we haven’t had brussel sprouts in a very long while. Joel felt that it was high time to reintroduce them to our meals. I normally LOVE brussel sprouts… but sometime back in the winter I bought a couple bags that turned out to be completely spoiled. That made me not want to buy them because throwing food out (even if it is into the compost) is just the worst. These ones look like they’ll be good, so fingers crossed this experience will win me back to the brussel sprout camp!


Replenishing our fruit supply meant I could enjoy an apple + peanut butter for breakfast once again. I wonder who was the first person ever to combine apples with peanut butter? Or bananas and peanut butter? Such good snacks πŸ™‚


Another errand was run –> picking up some wine for book club! I love our wine store but I must say, it feels a little weird going in there for wine when I am 9 months pregnant hah! I got in and outta there in about 10 seconds flat.


Kelly cut the entire peel off a watermelon –> I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “naked” watermelon before hah πŸ™‚ She said doing it this way makes it easier to cut up into pieces. I have discovered quite a few watermelon-cutting hacks in these past few months! πŸ™‚


Book club was a lot of fun πŸ™‚ The weather was perfection so we decided to grill burgers and eat on the patio. Joel offered to man the grill, which worked out perfectly because he is pretty excellent at it. All the book club gals enjoyed the book (A Thousand Splendid Suns) and it was nice hearing everyone’s perspectives. Seriously if you have not yet read this book, you really should! It is a little heavy but so so so good.


What is your go-to breakfast food? Got a watermelon-cutting hack to share? Any good books to recommend?


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