Here we are



Here we are indeed.

I’m just a thirty-something writing a few thoughts down, while the rains come down outside my bedroom window.

Having never interacted extensively with strangers on the web before, I can’t deny that it feels odd. Not unpleasant, just odd. I could tell you a bit more about myself, but let’s save that for another day. Rather than wax on about what I do or why I’ve started a blog (all of which I am sure to cover at some point), I am thinking that I will instead kick things off by telling you a few things that I like to do for fun.


Although I’m not very fast, I like to consider myself a runner. I have completed 2 marathons and a few other shorter distance races. I try to lace up 5-6 days a week, and find that I feel my best when I’m consistently running. Unlike many runners, I really enjoy treadmill running. I do most of my runs at my gym.


I’ve always been an avid reader, and I enjoy most fiction genres. I recently started a book club with a few girlfriends who also love to read. Since I was a kid, I have always had at least one book in my rotation, and I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading something.


What can I say, I love to write. For me, it’s not about being eloquent or perfect. Rather, it is about mindfully processing my thoughts and using my writing as a way to express myself or share my perspective. I like to have a structured routine to keep those writing muscles toned 🙂

Hang with friends

If I had to choose between having many superficial friends or few close ones, I would 100% choose the latter. I have found that in this hyper-busy, stressed-out world, making real and lasting connections with people can be extremely difficult. I try very hard to invest in authentic relationships with people, and more often than not, I find this to be incredibly rewarding.

Hang out with my husband Joel

Joel and I are college sweethearts who started dating waaay back in 2003. We got married in 2007 and have been on this crazy ride called life together ever since. He is the most patient, loyal, and wonderful person I have ever met. If you met him, I’m sure you would think so too!

Watch Netflix

I am a Netflix connoisseur. I am so good at Netflixing that I can do it while I cook, clean, and even while I run. I prefer shows over movies, and love to get “hooked.” My favorite thing is coming across a new-to-me show that has multiple 20-episode seasons. Yes please.

Bake things from a box

I’ve always wanted to be “that girl” who bakes effortlessly from scratch and substitutes all the processed, fatty, and sugary ingredients with wholesome, organic, immortality-granting alternates. Alas, I will never be that girl. I have made peace with that. I have zero qualms with box brownies that only require adding an egg, or with pancake mix where you just add water.

Find amazing deals

Having recently moved from an apartment into a house, we’ve had to figure out how to furnish it without breaking (completely destroying) the bank. Enter Craigslist. We have found many an antique desk on there, and it will always be my go-to place for heavily discounted home-goods.

Host gamenights

We love to have our friends over for a boozy game night. Sometimes all you need after a long week is a glass of wine and a frenzied game of Dutch Blitz.

Do my hair and makeup

I don’t wear makeup every day and only do my hair about once a week… but it’s fun! I still remember the first foundation I ever bought: MAC studio fix fluid. Ah the memories. I have also tried a few intense hair treatments including relaxing and thermal reconditioning. For the record, I have very curly hair, and it took me years to accept it. Years. Hence the relaxing and thermal reconditioning, which I am pretty sure I will never do again.

Laugh a lot

I love to laugh. And I don’t mean the polite, restrained titter that you do at a fancy dinner party while daintily covering your lips with a white-gloved hand. I mean the bursting, hooting belly laugh where you can’t stop the force of the laughter even if you tried. You know what I mean. The kind of laughter where you’ve got tears streaming down your face and your cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. I love that.

Tell me something about yourself!